Monthly Archive: May, 2012

Aliyana, Christian and I

Me and the kiddos chillin’ in bed… (Taken with instagram) (Source:

New stuff for baby

Kiddie bowls, baby bottles and Cars sippy cups! Fun! I get so excited getting new things for my little man lol (Taken with instagram) (Source:


Jamming’ at work! (Taken with instagram) (Source:

New look + Celebrations!

Hey all, So many things going on right now!! I thought I would change up the look of my blog. I haven’t actually decided what I really want but i’m clicking around on… Continue reading

Getting things ready for Friday Night!

Jello shots anyone? Why…yes please! #birthdaypreparations (Taken with instagram) (Source:

True Blood Season 4!!

OMG! So excited! Happy birthday to me!!!!! #trueblood #truebie #sookie #teameric #teambill#tbseason4 (Taken with instagram) (Source:

Got my nails did!

Birthday nails…thanks sis! (Taken with instagram) (Source:

Once-Obese Women Still Face Stigma, Study Finds | Yahoo! Health

  I saw this today on Yahoo! and I found it very interesting. I am currently on my own weight loss journey, so does this mean i’m destined to be less attractive? The… Continue reading

Food coma!

Full and sleepy… (Taken with instagram) (Source:

Nom nom nom!

Little man eating asparagus! (Taken with instagram) (Source: