New look + Celebrations!

Hey all,

So many things going on right now!! I thought I would change up the look of my blog. I haven’t actually decided what I really want but i’m clicking around on here so tell me what you think of this latest theme and color scheme i’ve applied. You like?

Now on to the celebration! As you can see from my previous posts my birthday is coming up…Monday to be exact but I’ve already started celebrating. I got my True Blood fix! I preordered the fouth season and sayed up all last night to watch the first few episodes. I couldn’t help myself! At least I wasn’t late to work this morning because I definitely did not get any sleep! My sister also took me to lunch and we got our nails done and then spent the evening shopping and making jello shots! She is a bartender so she is pro at that sort of thing. I don’t drink very much so she is on a mission to, what she calls, RAGE! My friend Reggie said to watch out because the real housewives of Reno are on the prowl! LMAO! Wish me luck with that. I’m a little scared. I haven’t really gone out since way before the baby was born so its been a while for sure!

On another note…I’ve lost 30 pounds! I’ve been working really hard to get back in shape since the beginning of this year because I want to get my pre-baby body back. So that’s another thing to celebrate tomorrow. Although, birthday cake, fatty food, and mixed drinks are definitely not going to help me reach my goal but I figure it’s a special occassion. I will be saying goodbye to my early twenties to be one step closer to thirty. Over the hump as they say!

I hope everyone has a great day!

Much Love,