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I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and Ulta and definitely spent a little bit of money…ha! Or maybe more than a little bit, but I’m very excited about my purchases. I heard a… Continue reading

Battle of the Frizz!

The weather is freakin’ and my hair is tweekin’! Literally, I woke up this morning to clouds and rain- whoa! Way to yank the summer right from under me 😦 I am not… Continue reading

What’s in my gym bag

I thought I’d share with you “what’s in my gym bag” today. These are the things that I always leave in my bag for when I go to work out, that way I… Continue reading

Enter the Phoenix!

Enter the Phoenix! That is what I have so lovingly named my new hair color. I went to my stylist and good friend Ashley because I was looking for a change. When I… Continue reading

Currently Coveting

What I love about makeup is that there is always something new to try. Whether it be a new shade, new texture, or something completely different! There will of course always be your… Continue reading

New ‘do

Thanks Ashley for pimpin’ my hair once again! (Taken with instagram) (Source: http://instagr.am/p/HdrMzxwi23/)