Mini LUSH Haul


Can you believe this is only my second purchase from Lush, ever? I know, crazy right? The first time was when I went on a girls trip to Las Vegas and this time when we went on a family trip to California. I have thought about ordering online as well but I like to smell the products before I order online. This time, while I was at the store I made sure to get a good feel for all of the products and because I was with my son, he did as well. Which is why you can see most of the things I bought were geared more toward him.

So what did I get?

  • The Comforter
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Icicle Baby Bot
  • Rainbow Fun
  • MMMelting Marshmellow Moment

If yo couldn’t guess, the Rainbow Fun, Icicle Baby Bot, and the Pink Flamingo were all purchased with my son in mind and he actually picked them out for himself. We love bath time so this was really exciting for him. The comforter I bought the first time I went to Lush and is my absolute favorite so I had to pick up another one. I haven’t tried the bath melts so I can’t wait to give the MMMelting Marshmellow Moment, a try in my next bath.

What are you Lush favorites? I am thinking about placing an online order so let me know!