Evian Facial Spray- Summer Heat



I don’t leave the house without this either in my purse or my beach bag. I love taking this with me, especially on beach days. It’s very hot here and by hot, I mean mid 90’s and up. Quite often it gets into the 100-degree range. Sometimes I literally feel like I am going to melt. The Evian spray has a super fine mist so it doesn’t disturb my makeup and doesn’t leave giant water droplets on my face.  The super fine mist is refreshing and keeps me cool whenever I use it.

I recently took it with me to an outdoor adventure course with my sister and friends for her birthday and they all made fun of me when I pulled it out of my backpack! But then they tried it and they loved it!

Here’s a silly little video I made with them laughing at me in the gondola ride up the mountain 😘



Disclaimer: I received this product free for review. All opinions are my own and honest.