Maybelline FitMe Matte and Poreless Foundation

  I have had a pretty interesting journey with this foundation. Ever since it first came out and I saw the reviews I wanted to give it a try but I have so many foundations in my rotation has taken me a while to actually try it. I first purchased the color 310 from Ulta and though it was quite warm and it was a little bit too dark for me right now. Surprisingly enough the color 325 showed up on my doorstep from Influenster but that color it was even darker even though it was still a golden tone. So then they sent me color 222 which is almost light enough but it is too cool and so looks very ashy my skin tone. Suffice it to say I still have not found my perfect match. Although from all this trial and error I think I am a little bit closer to finding my perfect color. It lies somewhere in between the color 222 and the color 310. So whatever number is the warmer shade that lies in between those two colors will most likely be my perfect match.
Since this foundation bosts a 40 color shade range I am sure that with a little bit more trilinear I will be able to find my perfect match. What’s also nice is that at most stores it can be found for under six dollars so I am not afraid of breaking the bank.
Now, what What do I think of the product itself. It is called Matte and Poreless and although the word ‘poreless’ is in the name I don’t think it actually smooths out the look of my large pores. However it does go on very easily onto the skin and it looks smooth on my skin. So not doll skin but nice looking skin. As for it being a mat foundation it could be a little bit more oil controlling for me. When I apply it it does not look extremely matte to the point where it makes my skin looks dry, it is more of a natural matte however I wish it would control my oil more throughout the day. In my opinion it provides a light to medium coverage on the skin which personally I prefer for a more medium to medium full coverage and I foundation. That is simply because I have a lot of the scarring and little spots that I don’t want to spend a lot of time concealing after I apply foundation.
It’s for that reason that it is not my holy Grail foundation. However, I do like it looks on my skin and it has a great price point so I definitely recommend it to people who don’t want as much coverage in their foundation and I’m looking for an affordable drugstore makeup that will have their shade.


Disclaimer: I both purchased this product with my own money as well as recieved free from Influenster. All my opinions are my own and truthful.