Beauty Blender Micro Mini



If you saw my last post about my Every Day Glam Makeup Tutorial that I posted on YouTube and watched the video you may have seen me use the Beauty Blender Mico Mini to apply my concealer.

If you are a fan of Beauty Blenders then I think you will like to add this collection just for the sake of having all of the sizes of the Beauty Blender, however if you love the size of your original Beauty Blender or if you have a favorite concealer brush that you use everyday, then I don’t think you need this little guy. It’s nice because it can really get into the inner coners of your eyes, more precisely than the larger original. I, myself would not even have purchased it but it came in a Beauty Blender trio set that I purchased last summer at Phamexpo. It took me until this year to actually put it to use.

Because it is so small it can be hard to get a grip on and if you have long nails it is even harder to hold/use. It also takes twice as long to apply y9our concealer because it it so small.  I am pretty much using it just because I have it. Iwould say save your money and either just use your original Beauty Blender or your fav concaler brush, heck use your finger! You’ll get a better/faster application that way.

Check out those claws! HAHA they are new, I am having a hard time doing a lot of things with these bad boys. I don’t ever get my nails this long! So it’s even harder to use this little thing. I want to put it on a stick or something!