Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Rose Water


I have seen this spray at Ulta for years and I have heard it talked about on YouTube and other blogs but I never actually purchased it until now. I have been using MAC Fix+ for years and most recently the Evian spray. I ran out of the MAC Fix+ and I am almost out of my Evian Facial Spray and while I was in Ulta the other day andsaw this while I was walking around the store and decided to finally give it a try. The smaller bottle was only $4 and the larger one was $7 so I was definitely pleasantly surpised by the price tag. I keep it in my purse at all times now, I am obsessed. Although the larger bottle is definitely a better bang for your buck, I had to buy the small one for my purse.

I love this spray and use it everyday! Have you tried this facial spray? What spray is your favorite?