OZ Naturals Ultra Ageless Eye Crème Review

OZ Naturals Eye Cream


This is the second eye product I have tried from OZ Naturals now. The first being the eye gel which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, you can check out that review here. One of my main gripes with the eye gel was that it wasn’t very moisturizing. This eye cream however is much more moisturizing.

It comes in a plastic tube, which I appreciate because I don’t want to stick my finger into my skincare products. Partially because I don’t want to possibly contaminate my skincare with my fingers, but also because I just don’t like to stick my finger into your product because then I honestly get it everywhere. Like if I put my foundation on with my fingers you can believe that it is on my shirts my desk my arm where ever my finger texted and half the time that even after I’ve tried to wipe it off. Now of course that’s not after I wash my hands however I’m not going stop getting ready for work or what ever I have to be doing that day halfway through just to go wash my hands (#aintnobodygottimeforthat). Call lazy but that’s just me.

The Cream of formula of this I cream isn’t super heavy but also isn’t super thin. I would say it’s about a medium consistency, which I like because I know that is giving me some hydration for my undereye areas and it’s not too moisturizing as to make my concealer move all over the place. With the eye gel that I tried from Oz Naturals it said that it can be used under an eye cream as well to help boost its efficacy. But when I tried that it ended up balling up. Even when I used the smallest amount and tried to prevent it from balling up, when I applied my concealer over it balled up again. Which reinforces my first opinions of the eye gel.

All in all the cream works well. Great for an everyday eye cream, however if you have extremely dry under eyes I don’t think this will be moisturizing enough for you. Overall, I enjoy it and will continue to use it.



Disclaimer: I received this product free for review. All opinions are honest and my own.