Cetaphil Cleanser Review

I have seen this product on the shelves at the drugstore for years. But I never purchased it. I didn’t give it a second thought, actually. I always thought it was just some cheap drugstore cleanser that probably would not work.

A couple months back when I was having a lots of acne and I went to the dermatologist she recommended that I try this cleanser until my acne cleared up. She said it was simple and would get the job done. So of course since my dermatologist recommended it, I went out and bought it right away.

I am so upset that I wasted my money on this product. Honestly, who actually likes this product? And if they do, is it because they don’t know any better? OK, I know that sounds a little bit much, however every time I Use this I feel like I am putting toxic sludge onto my face. It just feels terrible and I dreaded every time I decided to try and use it again. I thought to myself how could my dermatologist recommended this?. It’s awful! It doesn’t clean my skin, feels awful, and doesn’t remove my makeup either. The least you could do would be to actually clean but my face still feels dirty after I use it, even when I am not wearing any makeup. Then I took a look at some of the ingredients, and I did not recognize a single one. Now, I don’t claim to be the most informed on all of the ingredients used to make cleansers or other skin care products, however, there are only a few ingredients listed and all of them have chemical scientific name is longer than my entire name!
I would not recommend this cleanser to anyone. No matter what the price and accesibility of it. If you were tempted to purchase this product just don’t. Trust me, no one needs that kind of sludge in their life.