LORAC Creamy Brow Pencil- Blonde


Since my hair is blonde now I am on the hunt for new brow products to match my lighter hair. I picked up this pencil when Lorac was on Hautelook. I checked the Lorac website and I saw these pencils on their sale page so I am not sure if it is being discountinued but I have seen it on Hautelook before so you may be able to get it for a while yet.

As you can see from the swatches if you look really close, the pencial has actual micro glitters in it, which threw me off at first. The product is “creamy” but not overly so, I would say it’s a little easier to apply then say the NYX Mirco brow pencil which is a stiffer formula.

You cannot see the glitter particals once you apply the product to the brows, which is nice. It lasts all day and doesn’t wear off in a weird way or smudge and get all over the face. All in all I like it and will continue to use it on days when I need a quick brow fix.