ImPRESS At-Home Manicure

I cannot remember the last time I used press on nails. I think it might have been in high school. So take into account that I am 29 years old now. So when I received these in the mail I was both excited and a little bit apprehensive. My previous experiences with press on nails were always horrible. I always had to carry around a couple bottles of nail glue with me with because I would always have a nail pop and off somewhere and look absolutely ridiculous.

Here is what they looked like freshly applied. In general I have small nail beds and they are all pretty similar in size so when I put tips on my nails (or in this case press on nails) I usually have to use all of the smaller sizes and a lot of times there aren’t enough for of those smaller sizes but these fit quite well and were easily reshaped when needed because they are so thin.

I decided not to use the bow charms that came with the set because it seemed to me that they would fall off right away. The instructions were a little bit more involved then I would think for press on nails. And although I followed the instructions they did not last. My thumbnail and ring finger nail popped off after just a few hours. I applied the nails around 11:00 AM and by dinner time I had lost two nails. I tried to use the extra glue dots that were included in the kit, which I assume were for the charms, to reattach the two nails that had fallen off. But that didn’t last long either and by bedtime they had popped off again. I honestly think good old nail glue would’ve kept them on longer. I did like how thin the nails where but the glue didn’t stick for me. Also whenever I pressed on anything the nails would move slightly, which kept me thinking they were going to fall off but when I checked the nail it would be fine. I think it was because of the glue which was another negative for me.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend this product, unless you only need nails for a few hours, maybe for an interview or photoshoot, especially since the glue was easy to take off and didn’t damage my natural nails.

I received this product for review purposes and all opinions are my own.