GlamGlow Youthmud Mask

I am sure most of you have the GlamGlow masks somewhere by now. I am on a little bit of a mask crusade so I decided to give one of them a try.

I bought the small size from Sephora. I paid $19 for this little tiny jar which definitely made me think why it would be so expenzive. When I first got it in the mail I really didn’t think I would be able to get very many uses out of it. I would say that is true since the first time I used it took quite a bit of product. I would say that you would probably get 2-3 uses out of the small size depending on if you use it all over your face or just in certain areas, like the center of the face.

The first time I went to use it I was a little taken back at the initial texture of the product. I thought that maybe the product might have been drying out a little bit because once I scooped it out and began to apply it to my face it seemed very dry, did not spread well over the face and had small flaky bits throughout.

In trying for a second time I thought that maybe the previous texture had been because it was the first layers of the product but it was the same thing. It seems that there are chunky bits throughout and the larger ones when you you pull them out seem to be a film. Now, this could be a part of the exfoliating aspect of the product but for me it made the product harder to spread across my skin and even seemed to scratch my skin as I did so. Needless to say I didn’t like the texture of the product. And after the thirs use I was disappointed to see that I saw no significant change in my skin like the product boasts. Sure my skin was clean and it definitely tingled a bit which made me thing that it was doing something more for my skin but I just didn’t see it. I had such high hopes for this product because it is hyped up all over YouTube and another beauty social media that I thought it just had to be a winner. Unfortunately it was not.

I am thinking about maybe getting a different GlamGlow mask formula a try, to see if I have better results. Have any of you tried the GlamGlow masks? If so which one is your favorite?