OZ Naturals: Age Defying Solar Shield Tinted Sunscreen

I always get a little worried when products say that they are tinted. Especially when it is a skincare products and there aren’t any shades to choose from. But I was really excited to try this because I thought to myself that a tinted sunscreen would be good for days when I don’t want to wear make up or to wear under my make up to help even out my skin before application while still providing send protection. Basically as a primer.
Here it is swatched:

I have tried it alone, under my foundation, with and without powder when used under my foundation, and still it just doesn’t work for me. One reason is because of the color. It has a very cool to neutral tone as you can see in the swatches and because of that when I put it onto my skin I look dirty. And when it begins to wear off, the color wears off in patches, which makes it look even more like you’re dirty and only some spots are left clean! It also did the same thing under my foundation and made my foundation move around more even when I set it.

All in all I want to like something like this but this just didn’t work for me. So it gets a bash it rating from me.

Disclaimer: I received this product free for review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone else. 


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