Maybelline Better Skin Foundation Review

First off let me begin by saying that I received this product free for review purposes and all opinions are my own. I was sent the color 30 Warm Nude and when I tried it was way too light. So since I really wanted to try this foundation before I was sent it, I went out to the store to buy a shade closer to my skin color. It was definitely interesting trying to find my shade. At first I went to Target and noticed that there were only about eight shades so I decided to try Walmart, which had a couple more shades but I don’t believe they had the full range at my particular store either. I ended up grabbing shade 80 Rich Tan which also isn’t perfect but close enough. In all the shade range is a little disappointing as it seemed that there weren’t very many darker shades. I consider myself to be in the “medium” range as skintones go and possibly “medium tan” if I get really dark. Right not I would lean a little more toward that medium range but the color I picked up was one of the darkest shades they had! So that was definitely a surprise and as well as disappointing. What about all of my beautiful, darkened women of color? I guess this foundation is not for them sadly. 

It claims All-Day foundation but that was not the case for my normal/combo skin but looks good and feels comfortable on skin. It tended to last about 6 hours on me before it starts to break up on me and I am quite shiny. It doesn’t claim to be transferred proof and it definitely is not. Touch your face, blow your nose, or hug someone A little too tight and it will definitely rub off.

 As a part of the better skin three week challenge they claim that the foundation will make your skin look better. I personally have not noticed a difference in my skin, although it hasn’t gotten any worse, so that’s always good. It feels light on the skin and does not look cakey which is a definite plus. It claims to be a medium to full coverage and I would say that it is a solid medium coverage. It can be built up slightly but too much and I noticed it would stick to any dry patches I had. I have quite dark brown acne scars and they can still be seen through the foundation but also aren’t worsened by it. 

So bottom mine is, it is a good foundation but for me does not live up to all of its claims. Would I repurchase it? Yes, to me it’s just a run-of-the-mill foundation and it works well on days that I know I will not be needing to wear make up for more than six hours. Good for everyday wear but not what I would choose if I needed something to really last. 

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?