RegenFX Anti Aging Eye Gel for Dark Circles and RegenFX Ultimate Hualuronic Acid Serum Review

SerumEye Gel
I have been using both the serum and eye gel for a couple weeks and haven’t really been wowed. I am now 29 so I am always looking for good skincare (30 is coming for me faster than I want it to) and there are a few trouble spots that I monitored to gauge the products effectiveness; some fine lines under my eyes and between my eyes at the bridge of my nose. I also have acne scare on my chin and a few on my cheeks. Looking at these areas specifically I have not seen a difference in their apperance.

Both the serum and eye gel have a very light feel on the skin which is a plus however when it comes to the serum, once it dries down my skin is left feeling sticky which not comfortable for me. Also with continued use of the serum I noticed I was beginning to get small red bumps all over my face. At first I thought it might just be hormones, until I stopped using it for a week and went back to my old skincare routine and they went away within a few days.

This was my first experience with a gel eye product (I usually use a thicker cream) and it is nice and soothing after a long day but I have not seen a difference in how my under eye area looks. I think I will continue to use the eye gell to see if there are any changes with continued use but as for the serum I will not be using it any more.

Bottom line: The eye gel isn’t bad but I need to keep using it to see if it makes a significant difference in the appreance of my under eye area. If you like lightweight eye products it might be worth a try. The serum however is a definite pass in my opinion.

I recieved the RegenFX Anti Aging Eye Gel for Dark Circles and RegenFX Ultimate Hualuronic Acid Serum free for review. All opinions are honest and my own.