Dose of Colors Terra Collection

I have been wanting to try the Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks for a while now and just never but the bullet until now. When I saw this set coming out I figured it was a great time to try a few colors at once!

Included in the set are Sand, Stone & Brick  Flash

WIthout Flash

OK so I have a love and hate relationship with these. I bought them a while back and hauled it on my Instagram page and I have been using them on and off ever since. So here’s the nitty gritty. I love them and I hate them. Yup I’m totally on the fence here. I like the way they apply, and how they feel on the lips because they aren’t super dry. However because of that they do not last as long as I would like a liquid lipstick to last. I find I have to touch up often as if I were wearing a traditional lipstick although it does last longer than some lipsticks I use all of the time. As for the colors? They are definitely really pretty. Sand is hard for me to wear but I’ve mixed it with the other two shades and gotten some pretty results.

I don’t think you can still get your hands on the set anymore BUT as per their Instagram they will be coming out with these shades again in the Fall. So that’s why I still chose to write this review. I think it’s mostly a product that you will have to try in order to really see if you like them. I like them for the most part and will probably order one of their more vibrant shades to add to my collection,