Bash it or Buy It: Maybelline Lash Sensastional Mascara- Waterproof

This is one of two mascaras I brought with me on my most recent vacation and one of the items from my Walgreens haul. When I purchased this I knew I wanted to take a waterproof mascara but the one I had was almost dried up plus I didn’t really care for it.

The other mascara that I brought with me was my trusty Jordana Best Lash Extreme but it was so hot that I never even used it while I was on vacation because it would just be sweated off.

The curved applicator to me doesn’t do much for my top lashes but seems to really grab on to the tiney lashes and really make them standout. As for the formula I really like it. Unlike my old waterproof mascara which shall not be named, mostly because I think I will post a review on it, it wasn’t uncomfortable to wear, it plumped up my lashed and stayed put even when I went to the beach and snorkeling!

So this baby was definitely thoroughly road tested and it get a Buy It rating for me! If you are looking for a drugstore waterproof mascara, I really like this one!