Bash It or Buy It: Inglot Brush 4SS


I bought this brush when I was in Las Vegas in February. It was in my Inglot haul that you can check out here if you like. What drew me to this brush was it’s shape, in the photo you can see just how big it is. It seems just like the typical blending eyeshadow brsuh, but it is much bigger than the typical blending brushes which makes it perfect for other places on the face. What I have been using it for is for applying concealer or powder to my undereye area. It fits perfect! I love how it fits into the contours of my face with ease. It is also quite nice to use when highlighting the face. It applies the perfect amount so you don’t end up with glitter face when using your powder highlight products.

The first time I washed it I had no shedding and have had none since I bought it! This is definitely one of my favorite makeup brushes right now. So if you couldn’t tell, this brush gets a BUY IT rating for me and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of them! I need at lease 4 more 😉