Bash It or Buy It: MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara

In-Extreme-Dimension-Lash Mascara BOB

In-Extreme-Dimension-Lash Mascara

I call this mascara, the sleeper. Why? Because when I first used it I wasn’t too impressed so it sat in one of my makeup drawers, forgotten. Sleeping as it were. Then a couple of weeks ago the mascara I had previously been using, the Lancome Grandiose mascara, decided it didn’t want to play anymore. By that I mean the mascara brush head decided to break off inside of the tube rendering the product unusable/ How in the heck does that happen? It’s a first for me and also made me mad because that mascara is so expensive!

Anywho, back to this mascara. It is one of those mascaras that get better as you use it and it begins to dry out. When I first used it one reason why I didn’t like it was because it seemed as if the formula was just a little too wet and didn’t stick the the rubber bristles. It also seemed to take a little longer to dry. Don’t sneeze or you’ll get mascara everywhere! But now that it has dried out a little more I actually quite like this mascara. I dare say more than my Calvin Klien mascara. It gives me volume and length and added bonus it really curls my lashes. Usually I don’t have a need to curl my lashes because they are curly naturally (I attribute that to my naturally curly hair. My eyebrows are also curly) and with this mascara they are sky high! Like so lengthened and curled they could almost touch my eyebrows! It doesn’t clump or flake and lasts a long time on me without irriating my eyes. So this product get a Buy It rating from me!

Have any of you ever tried it? I am not usually a fan of MAC mascaras but now I think I may start to give them a chance once again.

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