Bash It or Buy It: Lancome GRANDIÔSE Mascara



Okay so when I opened up this scan my first thought was holy moly what a freaky mascara wand. Seriously this thing has more curves than Kim Kardashian LOL! All jokes aside, I wasn’t even sure how to hold the wand when I first used it. Imagine me in the mirror, wand in hand, twisting wrist and hand in every direction trying to figure out the best way to apply this mascara. I can tell you I probably looked a little crazy.
From what I gather from the product description is it is supposed to create a “wide/angled fan effect”and that the wand is supposed to make it easier to apply without doing the crazy magic wand ballet in order to apply.

Sounds great to me, don’t you think? Like I said when I first tried to mascara wasn’t sure exactly how to hold the mascara wind to get the best application so it did take a few tries before I was comfortable with it. What I liked from the beginning was that unlike some other mascaras when you first buy them and the formula is just a little bit too wet for my liking this one was good from the first use and is easy to build up. Not too wet that it left my lashes live and not too dry that bid left giant clumps of product on my lashes. Although I like the consistency of product I don’t really know if it’s worth the $32 price tag. For one, it’s not the blackest mascara I’ve ever used and for me being a person who has dark hair and dark lashes if the mascara is not super black it tends to look grey against my black hair/lashes. another good thing that the mascara has going from it is that unlike a lot of other mascaras that are not waterproof it doesn’t flake like crazy on me either.

As for the silicone bristles on it, they are of course not my favorite because I don’t prefer those types of mascara wine and this one is no different. Now will I continue to use it yet because my favorite no. The silicone wrestle really separate my lashes but they separate them too much to where it almost looks spidery, even though I have lots of volume and length.
Bottom line I like this mascara but do I think it’s worth the $32 price tag? No. So if you don’t mind mending that much on mascara and want to try something new? I think I’ll go for it. For me I don’t want to pay $32 for a mascara especially one that isn’t 100% amazing, so this product gets a Bash It rating for me.