Eyes.Lips.Face <3 Haul

ELF got me once again, LOL! They were having another one of their half off sales and so of course I decided I needed to place an order. Now tell me why I thought it was a great idea to Buy so many different blushes and bronzers? I have no idea. But as soon as I saw the email that everything was 50% off I knew first and foremost that I had to get the blush palette. I have been drooling over the blush because ever since they’ve come out with it but I never actually purchased them so I figured this was the time to do it. And I
had to get both versions of the pallet, the light and the dark but you know it was a necessity.


Well as you can see from the photo above that is a lot of blush! Haha ooooh goodness!

•Blush Palette: Light
•Blush Palette: Dark
•Mineral Blush- Sweet Retreat
•Mineral Blush- Wanderlust
•Mineral Blush- Jet Setter
•Mineral Blush- Cabo Cabana
•Mineral Bronzer- Baked Peach
•Mineral Bronzer- Tan Toffee
•Mineral Bronzer- Beach Bronze
•Mineral Bronzer- Caramel Cabana

Did I go over board? What do you think? 😉