NOTD: LE Wet N Wild Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Polish in Rising Star


I was just not feeling any of my nail products the other day so I decided to make a pitstop at Walgreens to find a new polish to play with. That is when I saw the new Wet N Wild display. Do you see all of the pretty colors! I zoned in and had to stop myself from going over board. I was good and only bought the one polish that really caught my eye because it was not like anything I already own, and I have a lot of polish.

Not the best picture in the world but I am having some technical difficulties with my camera at the moment, so my iPhone picture will have to do 😉 The first photo is with flash and the second without. I just love this polish. The only downside is that you sort of have to work quickly because it dries fast and you don’t want goopy, uneven nail color. But it is also good that it dries fast, especially for this momma because my son is always getting into something and I need to keep my eye on him! It was also quite opaque with just one coat which also surprised me because it is a glitter polish.




Whatcha think?