First Day of Preschool <3

First Day of Preschool


Today has been a pretty exciting day! Although I usually post makeup related blogs today I am bringing out mommy. My son stays with a family member when I am off to work so he has never been to daycare but now since everyone’s work schedules have changed I needed to find a daycare that would work with our new schedule. Unfortunately, I had no luck, but it turned out for the better. My niece just started preschool a couple weeks ago and her preschool teacher said that if I was comfortable putting my son in preschool that they would work with my schedule. So here we are, the first day of preschool, and I can tell you he didn’t even look back! He was so excited! All morning he kept saying mommy hurry up, I just want to go to school. Ugh, my baby is getting so big! But at least I know he is happy and will be in school with his favorite cousin ❤


Here are some of our first day of school pictures ❤






First Day of Preschool Selfie!