First Degree Burn Cream Influenster Review


Okay so what’s funny is that came at the perfect time. I had actually burned my finger while I was curling my hair and then I received burn cream in the mail. Now but my curling iron because I have it on I am betting it when I straighten my hair with iron my hair set straight sometimes it doesn’t want to take a curl.

Seriously throbbing so bad on my way to work while I was driving I stuck my hand outside so that the cold air would blow on my burn. Then when I got home and found the box and open it up and had burn cream I was saved!

When you get a box box you don’t know what is in it, so that is why I thought this was so funny. I don’t have a picture when I first got the burn on my finger but I usually scar fairly easily and you can’t tell I was burned, not sure if this cream helped that or not but it’s a bonus.

What’s nice is my burn didn’t blister and didn’t bother me after I used the cream and see you can barely even tell there is a mark on my finger. I would definitely recommend this product for small burns like the one I got from my curling iron. This will now have a spot in one of my vanity drawers because I am super clumsy so it will probably happen again.







Disclosure: I received this product for review from Influenster. All my opinions are mine and mine alone.