Bash It or Buy It: Estee Lauder Double Wear Cream Concealer



Double Wear, oh Double Wear…

So the last time I went into Macy’s to buy my Estée Lauder double wear foundation I saw that they had a new cream concealer in the Double Wear line. And since it was Double Wear, girl you know I had to buy it! Anytime a new product comes out in the Double Wear line I am all over it. Who doesn’t like their make up to last and because I do like the Double Wear foundation I want to try all of the products in the line. Unfortunately, this product did not live up to my expectations. I wanted to like it, I really did. But it just did not work out for me.

First, I tried to use it as a general concealer. I have been having quite a few break outs lately and as a result I have some dark spots that I want to cover up and I don’t always want to use a full coverage foundation and would rather just use a concealer on those areas, so that may makeup doesn’t look too heavy. Because it is a Double Wear concealer, I thought that it would have a lot more pigmentation that it did. Whether I am using it with my finger or a small detail brush or even a sponge the product just didn’t conceal like I wanted it to. And even after setting the concealer with a powder it just didn’t really last.

I thought maybe because it is not as heavy as I expected it to be that maybe it would work good for my under eye area. I have dryer under eye area so since this concealer in the little bit more on the creamy side it would work better there. But again whether I set with the powder or not, one the concealer did not last and two would crease under my eyes quite a bit.

I want to like this product but as you can see I do not, so it gets a Bash It rating from me.

Have any of you had better luck with this concealer? Is there a way of application that you can recommend? Let me know!