Bash It or Buy It: Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Waterproof Mascara




In a post a while back I wrote about the Rimmel London Retro Glam mascara in black, the non-waterproof formula. And in that post I basically said I didn’t like it. Enter the Retro Glam waterproof version of this mascara. I thought since the other version of this mascara was a little bit too clumpy that maybe the waterproof would be better because with many of the waterproof mascara formulas I have tried they are all too thin and take a lot of work to build up my lashes.

So I thought to myself, hey maybe the waterproof version would be better. Is the better? Well, yes and no. This formula is a little bit better than the original formula and gives more volume then some other waterproof mascaras I’ve tried. However that’s pretty much where the pros end. Because the formula is so wet if you are in a hurry you better not be using this mascara. It takes an absurd amount of time for the mascara to dry. So if you don’t want mascara all over your face, you better not look up, looked down, sneeze, or blink too hard. It will get everywhere. Once the mascara is finally done drying on your lashes, a good thing about it is that my lashes did not feel too hard crunchy.

That being said, it is an okay mascara. But for me, this prior to get a Bash It rating because it is too much of a mess.
Ain’t nobody got time to wait for their mascara to dry for 15 minutes (exaggeration) before I can leave the house!

Have any of you tried this mascara? What did you think of it? Would you we purchased it? Let me know!