Bash It or Buy It: Enkore Pro Brush Soap




First I washed 86 brushes, then 33, and then 33 more! Now that is a lot of brushes!


I first tried the unscented brush soap. With one brush so I was able to wash all of those brushes plus a few more. I love that the brush still has a loofah on the bottom of the bar of soap because that allows me to clean all of my make up brushes. The soap thoroughly washed all of my make up brushes including the ones with foundation and my OCC lip tars which can be difficult to get out of the bristles of my make up brushes. After I had finished the first bar soap I moved onto the pomegranates up. Although this soap is supposed to be the same as the unscented soap, I felt like the pomegranate version of this soap didn’t clean as well as the incentive. The difference was barely noticeable however it also made me not so keen on the pomegranate soap what is the actual sent pomegranate. Are usually like pomegranate did scented products and pomegranate flavored foods but this one was not one of them. The smell reminded me of really awful cough syrup. So as far as whether I think you should buy the unscented soap or the pomegranates open I would definitely go for the unscented.

Since then I have also tried the English Rose scented soap. This scent by far is my favorite out of the three that I have tried so far. It cleans really well and has a beautiful scent so I enjoy using it.

As far as my bash it or buy it reading this product get a bite reading from me. I love how my brushes feel after I use the soap and especially with the scented soap I enjoy the way my precious smell after work. I’ve even gotten compliments from my clients saying that they love the way my precious felt and smelled.

I still have a couple more brush soaps left from my first order so I can’t wait to try the other ones and give you all an update on those as well.

How many of you have tried these brush soaps? If so let me know what your favorite scent was and which sent you think I should try next.