Gothesque Magazine: Abyss- New Published Work


“Mer-people are the force that keeps order in the deep dark abyss! The mermaid not only uses her tremendous physical strength, but she also employs feminine wiles and powers of seduction to keep the peace in the watery expanses. House of Blackbird Studio visually explores, how since the beginning of time, these elusive creatures have bent fish and man to their will. The strength and beauty of these mythical creatures are the inspiration behind this shoot.

House of Blackbird Studios focus is on stylized and period specific portraiture. The model, Ariel Wickman, is a self-proclaimed “part time mermaid” that wanted us to “get real about our mythical creatures.”
We wanted a dark, moody feel mixed with a starkness that shows the beauty with the underlying power and danger. There’s no better way than to work with a real mermaid!”IMG_5314.JPGIMG_5315.JPG