Shop Miss A Haul



I have heard this website mentioned on various places all around the net but I hadn’t ordered from them until. So of course since everything is $1, I may have gone slightly over board, but I couldn’t resist! Especially the falsies! I had to grab a bunch! I go through these things like crazy! I also picked up some jewelry/accessory pieces. I hardly every where jewelry so the fact that these were $1 each doesn’t make me feel bad, especially if I don’t get around to wearing them 😉

So what did I get exactly? Well…

for starters, 23 pairs of lashes! 3 flower headbands, rhinestone earrings (12 pack), bow bracelet, ribbon bow bracelet, love suede bracelet, midi rings, bow earrings, and 2 nail gems!

Did I go overboard you think? Have you ever ordered from this online shop? I was pretty pleased with my order and I didn’t have to wait forever to get it! It came very fast, which I appreciate, especially since I was running low on those lashes!