Best Bra Storage…Ever!



OK, so I can’t take full credit for this DIY idea. I was scrolling through my Facebook time line a few days ago and a picture popped up with something similar. Basically in the photo the hangers were hung on the closer door using command hooks or something similar. I thought the idea was great and thought I just have to do that with my bras! But seeing as how it was almost 10pm, I wasn’t going to go to the store just to buy some plastic hooks.

DSCF2620So I walked into my closet and stared at my clothes and hangers thinking about ways I could hang them on the door. Then it came to me, you know the cheap plastic hangers that you sometimes get when your shopping at certain stores? Well, the next time you’re shopping and the associate asks you if you would like to keep the hangers say yes! Because that’s how I did it. Because a lot of times those plastic hangers are used to display outfit combinations or two piece sets, if you look closely right under the hook (is that what it’s called?) you will notice a little notch where additional hangers can be attached together for display.  And that is exactly what I did, I put my bras on display!


You can go as far down on your door as you would like, but since I have a toddler running around I didn’t go all the way down the door. Instead I just did the same thing on the other side. Now no more smashed bras or tangled straps! I love it so far! I hope you like this little DIY idea. Let me know if you try it yourself!