Bash It or Buy It: CK One Mascara


When I got the email from Ulta not to long ago that for my birthday if I come into the store I get a free mascara I of course jumped on it! Hey who doesn’t like free stuff right?! I was also excited because I have tried any of the CK makeup products yet. That is partially because I was a little weary about the quality of the products.

So now that I have used this product for a few weeks (my bday was at the beginning of the month) I have made my decision…I love it! Weird right? If you saw my Bash It or Buy It post on the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless, which also has a silicon bristle wand, you know that I do not like those type of mascara brushes. For the most part I don’t like the effect that they give and feel like I am stabbing myself in the eye when I am using them. This mascara is different. Although of you are not careful you can jam yourself in the eye with any mascara wand, silicon wands hurt so much more and this mascara wand is no exception so be careful!

With this mascara wand one of the features is that if you twist the en of the wand you can actually change the direction if the silicon bristles. This for the most part is a little gimmicky in my opinion. It may work for some but for me when I did so it seemed as the mascara did not apply as well with the twisted bristles, so I just leave the bristles in their original linear alignment.

What I really like about the mascara was that it was easily buildable to the full lash look that I prefer and doesn’t clump up in the process. I also liked the wear time on it. It stays all day and doesn’t travel. A lot of times mascaras will eventually end up on my face, but this definitely does not flake. The only downside is that it is a little hard to take off. Which is not a bad thing, it’s like a waterproof mascara with out it being waterproof. No smudges!

So as you probably could have guess this product gets a Buy It rating for me! Head over to Ulta and give it a try!