Bash It or Buy It: Mineral Fusion Sheer Lip Tints in Shimmer



I was at Whole Foods not too long ago when all of the Mineral Fusion products were on sale and as I was looking around my eyes kept coming back to the lip tints. A lot of brands now-a-days make a similar product but this color seemed to be a bit more unique. So I caved and bought it, hey it was on sale right?

I absolutely love the color. It is my perfect ‘throw it on’ no fuss lip color. I would describe it as a pink-y peach shade with just a hint of golden sparkle. Now when I say sparkle I don’t mean glitter so don’t think y our lips will look like a disco ball if you wear this stuff. It actually reminds me a lot of a lipstick by Clinique that used to be my favorite until it was discontinued. I can’t remember the name though :-/

It is shiny and gives a slight glossy effect to the lips but it is very light and no matter how much you apply it will not get sticky.


With Flash


Without Flash



The one down side for me is the packaging, more specifically the cap. I love these twist up lip crayon type products but with this one especially the cap cracked on it right away and I often have to make sure the cap has not decided to take a hike in my purse. I actually thought about putting it in another container but I just can’t get myself to ruin the pencil aspect of it.

Other than that this is a definite Buy It product for me. Have any of you ever tried these lip tints before? What did you think? Which is your fav?