Bash It or But It- Revlon Age Defying CC Cream


Revlon Age Defying CC Cream in 030 Medium

I purchased the Revlon CC cream a couple of weeks ago from Ulta and now I am ready to give my verdict.

What it claims: Revlon Age Defying CC Cream provides: Color Correction. Aging Protection. Skin Perfection. Targets the very first signs of aging – hyper-pigmentation and fine lines. Skin tone is more even and looks brighter. Dry skin is instantly moisturized and has SPF 30 Broad Spectrum.

Now what it really does, at least in my opinion.

  • Doesn’t Last
  • Greasy/Oily
  • Separates Easily
  • Light Coverage

When I first tried to apply it I noticed that it was a bit on the cool side which I assumed was because it is supposed to be color correcting and help bring life to the skin, then after I applied it as I continued to apply my makeup I noticed it visibly started to change color on my skin. As the foundation began to set, it “oxidized” quite a bit. It was no longer pink on my skin but orange. The next time I tried it I found that the product had separated in the tube and when I went to use it most of what came out was oil. After a good shaking I tried it again. I noticed throughout the day it would wear off in patches all over my face and not just in the usual areas (like the chin and forehead if you tend to touch your face a lot.) And though my skin is on the normal to dry side it was just a little too oily/greasy for me.

I really wanted to like this product but alas it was just not meant to be. So it is unfortunately a Bash It product for me.

Have any of you had better luck with this product? Tell me what you think!