MAC Alluring Aquatic and Waterproof Brow Haul Plus Mini Review



So I caved in and decided to grab a few things from the Alluring Aquatic Summer collection from MAC Cosmetics. I had been holding out because of all the review I had seen online before it’s release. Most said the packaging was amazing but that the actual product was not that amazing.


Alluring Aquatics

  • Extra Dimension Bronzer: Delphic
  • Extra Dimension Bronzer: Aphrodite’s Shell
  • Extra Dimension Blush: Seduced at Sea
  • Extra Dimension Blush: Sea Me, Hear Me


Waterproof Brow

  • Fluidline Brow Gelcreme: Dirty Blonde
  • Fluidline Brow Gelcreme: Deep Dark Brunette
  • Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set: Quiet Brunette

As far as the launches are concerned I was, like many people pretty disappointed with the Alluring Aquatics summer collection. Although the packaging is fab the actual colors left something to be desired. I didn’t even grab any of the lipsticks or eyeshadows! There were one or two that kind of caught my eye but I didn’t see myself using them. I might have used a few things on my clients but would have probably depotted everything which sort of defeats the purpose of purchasing them because of the packaging. I ended up going with some of the Extra Dimension products because I thought they would work in my kit. The colors are nothing special and I am sure you can find loads of swatches if you search the web, but what I like about the Extra Dimension line from MAC is the finish they give the skin. The blushes aren’t overly matte but instead give the skin a beautiful sheen without looking oily. The colors don’t have much color payoff but on my more fair to medium skintone clients will look beautiful. Same goes for the bronzers.

I was more excited about getting my hands on the Waterproof brow collection. One reason I was so excited was because I know MAC had previously came out with the Fluidline Gel Creme and I missed the boat even though I tried everything I could to find it (besides paying crazy prices on eBay or Amazon- I didn’t need it that much honey) so when they relaunched this line I had to grab a few things for myself as well as my kit. I still have to play with these products so I only have my first impressions.


Did you pick up anything from these collections? What was your favorite product?