Bash It or Buy It- Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless



Here are the product claims according to the Rimmel website:

Our first ultra lengthening mascara that defies the laws of lash length!

 – Length that defies limits

– Formula with Micro-Fibres and Grow-Lash Complex

– Instant wow: Extends lashes by up to 99%

– Lashes look up to 126% longer in 30 days*

– Lash-catching brush grabs every lash for perfect separation.  No clumps!

First of let it be known I am not the biggest fan of silicon brush wands. And this one is no different. Actually this is probably one of the worse ones I have tried, I mean look at it, it looks like little needles going in to attack your eye lashes! This is the first mascara that I have tried that actually hurts to put on. If  while applying I got too close to the base of my lashes it felt like I was stabbing myself! It did separate my lashes nicely but I didn’t notice any significant lengthening of my lashes when I used it.

As far as the “grow-lash complex” I have not used it enough to actually see a difference in the length of my lashes. I also noticed it flaked a little but not enough to make a huge difference in my opinion. But what did influence my opinion is the fact that halfway through the day I felt like my lashes were sore and dry.

You guys are going to start to think I am a hater! HAHA but here is another Bash It product for me.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who asked me about it. I have seen some good reviews on it but I just don’t see the hype.



Look at those little needles of death! Lol