Bash It or Buy It- Clinique High Impact Mascara



Oh wait, what, what happened? No seriously, I used to absolutely love this mascara! It was one of my holy grail mascaras, I dare say. I hadn’t used it in years because I literally buy a new brand/type of mascara every time I run out. The last time I used this mascara was when I was pregnant with my son (he’s almost 3) and it was the best. Now I am wondering if it has changed or maybe it’s just me?

I started using this latest tube of mascara about three weeks ago and each day it is the same. I love how it applies and how it makes my lashes look. Definitely lives up to it’s claims there, which is why I love it so! But at the end of everyday it’s the same story. I have flakes of mascara all over my face and my lashes feel so dry. As soon as I am in my car on the way home it is hard to resist the urge to rub my eyes to ease my discomfort.

So, what’s a girl supposed to do? I have tried applying it and letting it set for a few seconds and then going in with a waterproof mascara (one that I am not particularly fond of) and that helps with the flakiness, but honestly my mornings are so hectic, who has time for that?

Bottom line I am torn. I love the brush wand, how it applies and makes my lashes look, but at the end of the day I am not a fans of mascara flakes all over my face and dry lashes. So reluctantly I have to say Bash IT. I may buy one more tube some where down the line just to try it and see if it magically changes but we’ll have to see.