Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas



Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Can you believe it? This time of year is pretty crazy for me. May alone holds quite a few family and friends birthdays, not to mention the holidays in May, and all of my bridal work because wedding season is here! So it came upon me the other day that I hadn’t even realized it is almost Mother’s Day! So I was thinking about what gifts I could get my mom and sister- the two most important moms in my life. Chocolates and flowers are always nice but let’s not. So here are some of the things I came up with:


1. Perfume-


Now this one may seem like a no brainer. Yes, perfume is a typical gift but I encourage you to do a little research if the mom in your life has a favorite go with that one instead of what the person at the perfume counter inside of Macy’s is the most popular this year. Another idea, after finding out what perfume she likes do a little more research and find out what fragrences are similar to that and get her one of those so she has something new to try. She may like it even better! As for my mom she loves Dior Poison. Some of her other favs? Estee Lauder Youth Dew and Elizabeth Taylor Passion. So along with her fav perfum, Poison by Christian Dior, I could pick up a small bottle of her other favs or something similar. I’ve actually turned her onto the Lady Gaga Fame perfume and she loves it!

2.Phone Case-


No I don’t mean just any old phone case. I mean either a personalized phone case or if the mom you are buying for has little ones running around then a Lifeproof case. Which is the case with my sister. My niece will be four in about a week and a half and my nephew is almost 4 months old. So with that in mind I would definitely go with a heavy duty phone case. Especially for my sister who has had a few incidents with her phone ending up in the sink or various other water ridden places because of her munchkin. I have even experienced it with my little munchkin (there was a cookies and milk incident where my son thought he could dunk my iPhone in the milk just like the cookies) so this gift is not only thoughtful but practical.

3. Spa Time

SpaFinder Gift Card Giveaway

Now this is the gift I am hoping for. A little mommy relaxation time is always needed. Honestly need I say more? I am sure plenty of my fellow mommy’s would agree a massage would be great and a gift card where you can choose your spa? I say yes! I got one of these as a Christmas gift a few years ago and I loved it. Especially since it is not just a generic gift card because if it had been, I probably would have used it to buy something that my son needs. Hey, I’m a mom I can’t help it, if my son needs it then he gets it.

 4. Fitbit-



Now you can get any fitness tracker on the market. I got a Fitbit last year (not the one in the picture) as a gift and I love it. Sometimes it can be hard for us mom’s to put ourselves first and concentrate on our health because we get so busy and caught up with what ever our family needs that we can put ourselves on the back burner. But what we need reminding of is that we need to be healthy in order to give our families the best of us so I think this is a great gift.

I hope this may have given you an idea of what to get the mom in your life this year for Mother’s Day. I encourage you to get creative. The most thoughtful gifts are often the best. And please no vacuums, dishwashers or hand towels. Unless she specifically asks for them, OK?