Cinema Secrets Foundation


I absolutely love this palette! If you’ve never seen this then allow me to tell you a little more about it. Pictured above is the Cinema Secrets 5-in-1 Ultimate Foundation palette. And when they say ultimate they mean it! In each palette you get 5 shades from light to dark (not including the corrector palettes). I literally carry this palette with me everyday. I like to wear it on it’s own or use it for touch ups. Especially lately since I’ve had a cold, I am always blowing my nose and wiping off all the makeup around my nose area. This stuff is great to touch up that area without adding too much and making your makeup look cakey. I love the shade range you get in this one little palette as well because with it I can conceal, highlight, contour and apply all over face color! Really it couldn’t get any easier! It’s lightweight but the coverage is customizable so if you need a full coverage you got it!

As per the Cinema Secrets website:

Cinema Secrets was the first to develop a foundation palette for the professional makeup artist. It’s great for correcting unwanted undertones, highlighting, shading, contouring, adjusting foundation color, and creating custom blends for hard-to-match skintones. Ours is portable and compact, great for travel–especially if you expect to tan on vacation.


Here are the swatches of the palette that I have for personal use (I also have a few for my professional makeup kit):