Easy DIY Room Decor


I thought I would post a little something different today, something besides makeup. I went to Michael’s to pick up somethings for a thank gift basket I was making for a friend and at the check out line I saw this damask print wrapping paper. I love damask print on anything and everything and so since it was only a $1.50 I just had to grab it! As I was standing in a very long line I began to think about what I could use it for, so I decided to head over to the dollar store and see what I could find. I ended up grabbing these simple silver frames and a few other things for some DIY projects I wanted to try out. This is what I came up with! I hope you like it!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Frames
  • Decorative wrapping paper
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Scissors
  • Printed Letters
  • Pencil (not pictured)
  • Glue Stick (not pictured)


First thing I did was cut out the size of paper I needed to fit the frame. I used the back of the frame as a stencil to do this.DSCF2027

After I cut out the paper I placed it into the frames to make sure they fit correctly.


Now this was probably the hardest part, but not really. I used word to print out my initials in a font that appealed to me and used them as stencils.


I then grabbed some scrapbook paper that I had laying around and cut out my initials using the stencils I made in Word.DSCF2035

Last I  just glued my letter cutouts to the damask wrapping paper and placed into the frames, TADA! Super easy! I haven’t hung them on the wall yet because I am still getting everything set up for my makeup room, which is the messy room where I did this project and took pictures at 😉

Right now everything is just sitting on the floor and the room has become a storage area for other DIY projects that are half finished. One day I’ll finish it!