They Call Me Mellow Yellow- MAC LipMix in Yellow


This is one of two MAC LipMix colors I own. The other being the blue color a posted not too long ago. When compared to that color this one is a lot less opaque.

Here it is swatched on the back of my hand:


Swatched it has a fair amount of color pay off but when actually applied to the lips, it took three layers to get what you see on my lips below.


Even though the color payoff is not all that great I do like the thin consistency of these products (similar to OCC Lip Tars) and because it is so mixable and blend-able. I will definitely be playing more with these in the future! I may even order a few more online and see how they stack up to the colors I already have.

Do you own any of the MAC Lipmix shades? How do you like them?