Revlon Matte Lip Balm Review


I’ve had these for a couple of weeks now and I was debating on whether or not to post a review. I really wanted to love them! But they are just ok. At least for me. I purchased the two colors above: Shameless and Sultry. I love a good purple lip and out of the two it’s the one I like the best but only because of the color. I love purple lips! But it tends to apply streaky and you need multiple passes on the lips in order to get full color payoff. I found it best to apply a lipliner all over the lips and then apply the lipstick. The color lipliner I used for the color Shameless was Fashion Boost from MAC Cosmetics.
As for the other color it was a bit more opaque but I think the color just looked “bleh” for lack of a better word on my skintone and just gave it to my mom (she’s blonde with grey/green eyes and fair skinned.) On her the color looked more like a “my lips but better” shade and she likes it very much.

Overall I was expecting more of a wow factor from this line. The wear time for me for both colors was only a couple hours which also disappointed me because usually when you have a matte lipstick the wear time is much longer since it doesn’t have as much moisture to break down the color.
I’m not sure I will purchase another of the other shades. Maybe if my makeup addiction starts to itch and there so happens to be a sale I’ll try a few more ;-p lol!

Have you tried any shades from this collection. How’d they work out for you?