Wet N Wild Limited Edition Holiday Glitter Trios


I was super excited when I saw these! I’d never tried any of the Wet N Wild glitter creams before so I decided to pick up a couple. The colors I got are Glimmer in Your Eye and  I’m Not a Blonde Glitz! I found mine at Walgreen’s. I was  a little disappointed in these. I thought they would be more like a cream shadow with a lot of glitter but most of the shades are nothing more than glitter in a clear base. The bronze and gold in the I’m Not a Blonde Glitz! trio have a colored base and so have more color payoff than the other shades, but all the colors crease, a lot. I found after playing with them a little more that my best bet is do do what ever eyeshadow look I’m going for first then applying the Too Faced Glitter glue than applying these over the top of that. That has helped a little with the creasing these cause.20131213-114319.jpg

I’m Not a Blonde Glitz!20131213-114448.jpg
Glimmer in Your Eye

I don’t see myself getting much use out of these so I am glad I only picked up two of them. Have any of you tried these or other Wet N Wild glitter creams? Let me know what you thought of them.