Holiday Makeup Beauty Tips


1. Let it glow!

The holidays call for luminous, healthy glowing skin. Using a good moisturizer day and night will help keep your skin moisturized and flaunting a healthy glow. After prepping your skin try adding a cream or powder highlight to your makeup routine. Adding it to the high points of the face will illuminate the face and give you that holiday glow that everyone will wearing to all the holiday parties this year.

2. I said glow not oil slick! 

We want to glow not look like a greasy mess! Curb excess shine with a mattifying primer before applying your foundation and lightly powder after you’ve finished your makeup. For those of us with dry skin I recommend only powering down the center of the face, think T-Zone area. That way we can make sure to keep from looking oily without over powdering which can make our skin look dryer and sometimes feel uncomfortable.

3. Add a little Sparkle!

Adding a little glitter to your holiday look will keep you looking festive this holiday season. Just don’t over do it! Try adding a little glitter just in the center of your eyelid to make the eyes really stand out without overdoing it. You can also add a little to your lower lash line to brighten the eyes without having litter everywhere.

4. Boost those lashes! 

Try this lash trick. Curl your eyelashes are you normally would then apply one coat of your favorite waterproof mascara. Once you’ve applied one coat of mascara curl your eyelashes again. Make sure to do this while the mascara is still wet so you don’t accidentally break off your eyelashes. After you’ve curled them for a second time you should be good to go! Doing this will help your lashes hold the curl longer and keep your eyes looking bigger and brighter. You can also add more mascara if you’d like.

5. Wear Red!

 Not sure which red is right for you? Choose a red lipstick that has the same undertone as your skin. If you are a cool skin tone choose a cool red and vice versa if you are a warm undertone. When all else fails choose a red lipstick with blue undertones because the blue undertones will make your teeth look whiter!

6. Bold Lips!

Don’t forget the lip liner! This will help keep those luscious berries and deep vampy reds from running all over your face!