Baby Shower Love

We threw a baby shower for my sister last week and I thought I’d share a few photos from the party and it’s decorations! It was chevron themed so everything was blue chevron patterns! It was so much fun making the decorations and decorating the house! One of very many firsts to happen at our new house!


Candy Dipped Preztles20131122-110002.jpg

Baby Shower Cake20131122-110059.jpg

Tricycle Diaper Cake20131122-110125.jpg

Tricycle Diaper Cake (side view)20131122-110034.jpg

“Ready to Pop” Popcorn20131122-110248.jpg

“Boy Blue” Blueberry Punch20131122-110329.jpg

Blue Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes20131122-110407.jpg

Traditional Diaper Cake20131122-110456.jpg

HersHEy’s mini candy bars!20131122-155731.jpg

Baby shower gift bags!20131122-155758.jpg

Some of the yummy food my hubby made!20131122-155814.jpg

More of the baby shower food!20131122-190125.jpgMy sister and I before the baby shower madness!