Falling for Fall: Top 5 Nail Polishes for the Fall

I love Fall nail colors! Here are my top five for this season:

  • Essie- Wrapped in Rubies
  • Essie- Chinchilly
  • Orly- Space Cadet
  • Wet N Wild Fergie Collection-  Ferguson Crest Syrah
  • Orly- Ole


The first two are from Essie, which I picked up at Burlington Coat Factory for only $3.99! I was so excited when I saw these there. I keep finding little surprises at Burlington lately ever since they added their beauty department. “Wrapped in Rubies” is the perfect bronze color for the Fall. Reminds me of the leaves changing color. “Chinchilly” is great for the fall because you still need that one neutral shade to get you by when you don’t want anything extravagant on your nails. I like this color especially because it’s a grey with a little bit of brown so it goes good with the colors of Fall.

Next, Orly “Space Cadet.” This color is so fun! It has all of the colors of fall mixed into a dark base, so how can you go wrong with that!

“Ferguson Crest Syrah” what a name! Seriously Wet N Wild couldn’t we have picked a better name for this color? Hmm? Nonetheless this color is amazing! It definitely surprised me. I hadnt tried any of the Fergie nail collection until the other day when I went to Walgreens and picked up this color and another, which I don’t really care for (it’s just a glitter topcoat not very exciting) when they were buy one get one free. I am so glad I grabbed this color. It was seriously opaque in ONE coat! I couldn’t believe it! It’s a great color for the Fall and cuts drying time in half because I only needed one coat! It’s a win win for me.

Finally, Orly “Ole.” I know, I know you’re saying orange? But yes, orange! It’s not as bright as the orange colors I was using in the summer and spring. It’s a little darker and not as neon which is why I think it’s great for the Fall. It reminds me of October and pumpkins and Halloween and of the colors of the leaves changing. I think it’s great for the Fall and a good way to transition out of your summer nails colors as well.

20131015-110704.jpgThis is what the Wet N Wild Fergie color looks like on the nails. I also have the Wet N Wild Fergie Glitter in “Flossy Flossy” I mentioned above on my ring finger. I didn’t like the way it applied because I had to use three coats just to get the amount of glitter I have on my nail you see in the picture. I don’t like the way it looks either. I almost want to put a few more coats on to see if I can get the entire nail to be filled with the glitter. I think it might look better that way.

What are your favorite nail colors for the fall?