RiRi Hearts MAC

So…yes, I totally jumped on the bandwagon. I only picked up a few things because really I wasn’t all too impressed with the collection. Especially with the “Talk That Talk” lipstick. I thought I really wanted it but when I swatched it it actually looked a lot like a few other colors in the permanent collection so I couldn’t justify buying it just for the pretty packaging, even though I wanted to. The only other thing in the collection that I really wanted was the “Who’s That Chick” lipstick and both the MAC store and MAC counter in my area were sold out by the time I got there 😕


I picked up the “Nude” lipstick because I literally don’t have anything like it in my collection, which is a little shocking for me and the “Hibiscus Kiss” blush and bronzer duo because I missed out on it the first time it came out. I love them both! Definitely my favorite pieces of the collection.


Here they are watched above. The first swatch is of the lipstick- a very cool brown, almost taupe-y nude color . The second is of the blush, the third (which you can barely see) is the bronzer and the last is of the blush and bronzer swatched together. From the swatches the blush/bronzer duo isn’t that great but it does have more color payoff when applied to the skin with a brush (thank goodness!)

Did any of you pick up anything from the collection? What was your favorite piece?