Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday BASH!


Say the magic words with me, “Yoooooo Gabba Gabba!” We had so much fun at baby Christian’s 2nd birthday party! He played and played and played till his hearts content. It was definitely a day I will remember for years to come! And I made sure to take lots of photos for baby Christian so when he grows up we can show him how awesome it was! I loved getting and making all the decorations and food for the party! I did the desserts and my husband made the food (he’s a caterer) for everyone.


I made “Brobee” cupcakes (he is one of my son’s favorite characters from the show) and they were a big hit! They were super easy! I think I may post the recipe in a separate post.



This was my version of “Dazzleberry Lemonade” which is a drink they had on the show when “Muno’s” parents came to play in Gabba Land. For this I used fresh watermelon and fresh lemon with soda water to give it a refreshing after taste. At first I thought “Dazzleberry Lemonade” should have been some sort of berry or pink lemonade but as I was grocery shopping this just seemed like it would be a tasty concoction and it was!


I used cut out printables to make the “Pin the Eye on Muno” game. My son had no idea how the game works but had fun putting the eyes everywhere!


On the Nick Jr website they had these printables for character masks. At first I was just going to use elastic cord from Michael’s to finish off the masks but while I was at the store I walked through the back to school section and saw crafts sticks and Elmer’s glue and I thought that hand held masks would be much more fun! The kids AND adults had a lot of fun with these!


These are the little treat bags I gave to all the kids (and some of the adults-kids at heart really) who came to the party. I got them at Michael’s for $0.29 for a two pack! They were the perfect colors so I was definitely excited for them. Since I knew it would be a fairly hot day I filled the treat bags with mini squirt guns so the kids could play and cool off. I also put in balls, bookmarks, glow sticks/bracelets, candy (can we say sugar rush) and a few other little toys and treats for each kid.


Now these were awesome! I saw these “Muno Pretzels” on Pinterest and I just had to make them! They were so easy! Just take pretzel rods and dip them in red candy melts and top with a candy eye! They literally took me all of 15 minutes to make a whole bunch of them for the party!


Finally this was basically what was on my center table! Yummy food and snacks for everyone!

We had so much fun! I can’t wait until next year 😉

(or wait maybe I can- my baby is growing up so fast!!!!)