Bridal Makeup Do’s and Dont’s

ID-1003639I work a lot in bridal makeup and wedding season is in full swing! Here are some of my bridal makeup do’s and don’ts!

1. Do Get a facial- Just not the day before. I get this question a lot and my answer is yes, but when you get one is key! As brides we all want to feel pampered but if you are going to get a facial do it at least a few days before so that any redness or puffiness that may occur after getting a facial has time to calm down.

2. Don’t start a new skincare regime before the big day. This is another question that comes up a lot especially during trial runs with my brides. They are having some skin issues and want to try something new. My advice is first seek a professional. There are many reasons you may be having skin issues so going to the dermatologist can really help. That being said, don’t start the week before your wedding. This is something you want to do months in advance. You want to make sure that your skin does not have a reaction to the new products you are using and if you do have an adverse reaction to it then you want to give your skin enough time to heal as well. Finally if you are thinking about using a new skincare regiment to help the overall appearance of your skin you want to make sure you give it enough time to work. Wrinkle cream isn’t going to work overnight and magically you wake up wrinkle free. Give it a few weeks to work before deciding to continue or not.

3. Don’t get any new procedures done close to the date (botox, juvederm, etc.) That wrinkle that you may or may not have on your forehead or anywhere else on your face may be something you are thinking about getting work on but again leave time for error. There are side effects of these products and procedures and you want to make sure you leave time to heal. Don’t want to risk and adverse reaction to something and end up with a droopy face (hey, just putting that out there)!

4. Do use sunscreen! You dont want your nose peeling and then posing for wedding pictures! And you especially do not want crazy tan lines on you back or shoulders showing in your wedding dress. If you are going to be out in the sun right before the big day that you dress in layers or if its too hot for that make sure to really pack on the sunscreen and reapply often.

5. Don’t over do tanning- avoid the oompa loompa look. Excessive tanning in a tanning bed can reek havoc on you skin which can make it harder when it comes to applying makeup on your big day. Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin so you want to put your best face forward. Also beware of spray tanning. If you do decide to go that route I recommend doing it a few days in advance so that it has time to settle into your skin and if need be fade away after a few showers if it is too dark.

6. Do drink water-Stay hydrated! Water is great for the skin also helps to remove excess sodium in your body to decrease the bloat!

7. Don’t change your hair. If you have long hair then don’t go out and get a short a- line bob. If you have naturally dark hair don’t go try the newest hair color trend. You don’t want to end up looking like  a troll doll. Keep hair changes small. Go in for a trim if you must but other than that leave it alone! This can be especially important if you have hired a professional to do your hair on your wedding day and previously met with that person for a trial run of what you want. I have had brides who had gotten their hair “trimmed”  two weeks before the wedding and when it came time for hair, the style they chose didn’t look quite the same as in their trail. Well if you cut two inches off your hair of course its not going to look the same! So keep that in mind when you are looking for bridal hair ideas.

And there you have it! These are just a few do’s/don’ts for looking your best on wedding day. OK maybe there are a few don’ts but the biggest thing to me is also to just relax! As a professional I have seen brides before their wedding day and the day of completely stressed out. And no matter how beautiful their hair and makeup was, the stress shows up on their face and in their body language. And that can’t be changed with all the hair and makeup in the world! If you are stressed maybe get a massage the day or two before to help you relax. Hey, there’s another Do!