Neutragena Overnight Acne Scrub


I happen to go to my local Big Lots store on a whim and I picked this up because I have been having some trouble lately with breakouts and dry patches. When I saw this I thought that it might be something good to try since it’s supposed to help with both of those things being a scrub with acne medication. But boy oh boy was I wrong!

This stuff is just terrible. Really. It did not exfoliate my skin. The little beads that were in the product were practically non existent and too small to do anything. It smelled horrible and definitely did not clear up my skin. It just didn’t do anything. And to be fair, I tried and tried to use the product hoping the acne clearing properties of the product would help with my breakouts but it still didn’t do anything. I used just over half of the bottle before I became irritated and just chucked it into the trash.

Have any of you ever tried this product? Let me know if it worked for you.